We focus on midsized companies that operate as producers of paints&coatings / adhesives / system providers / automotive OEM suppliers. We design, optimize and implement processes where there are none, improve existing ones and replace outdated by state of the art ones.
We challenge "benchmarks" instead of copying them ("made to size" vs. "one size fits all") : the modular paint factory (MoFa) is a very convincing technology – but is it also right for your specific business? Before we answer this question we work with your own employees on

  • Problem definition
  • Process data capture
  • Process (data)analysis
  • Process design – modeling & computer based simulation of alternative designs (capital investment required yes/no, personnel required yes/no, shift models, ...
  • Implementation
  • Follow through / follow up


Phase 1:

Coached Kaizen workshops, process FMEAs (failure mode & effect analysis) or lean simulations help your team to

  • Recognize the process character of their daily routine
  • Deep dive into the process steps and details
  • Identify the problems and critical process factors
  • Develop improvement ideas all the way to their own strategies to achieve excellence
  • Quickly implement solutions (quick fix - the Kaizen way)

Phase 2:

  • With your team we develop alternative process models (work flow, job functions, capital requirements, personnel requirements, shift models, ..) and identify potential bottle necks and optimal solutions applying computer based process simulation.

Phase 3:

  • We support your team implementing the improvements
  • We take care of project management and -documentation
  • If needed we call on a network of specialists (e.g. in the areas of logistics, lean, production planning, safety)

We don't offer "cookie cutter" solutions but individualized approaches to optimize your business processes. You unleash the hidden knowledge of your own employees (who would know the process better than them?). You guide the project design process, define the framework, the timing, mile stones and deliverables in a one on one discussion. We apply SixSigma methodology and adjust it flexibly to your needs

  • We don’t leave you “hanging high and dry” with work in progress.